Protecting Privacy Online?

DETROIT - Caston Thomas, CEO of InterWorks Technology, thinks the whole hubbub in the press about Congress giving away our rights to online privacy is overblown.  Plenty of other players than ISP’s have been gathering and selling our information to the highest bidder. That is just the price of being online. To listen, click on  

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Meta Mesh Provides City-Wide Internet Access When Other Networks Go Down

DETROIT - Meta Mesh bridges the Digital Divide through the use of novel wireless solutions wherever they are needed. Meta Mesh, a 501c3 non-profit is mostly known for building the PittMesh Community Wireless Network in its hometown of Pittsburgh. This network now boasts over sixty locations providing open public Internet access. Each device is connected to

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Sheri Kam Talks Pocket Democracy Apps: Gives You A Voice In Your Politician’s Ear

 DETROIT - Sheri Kam is our social media expert and she joins us Internet Advisor on WJR as a special cohost.  Pocket Democracy is a catchy name for something that has been around the Internet for a while:Applications that keep you connected with what is going on in politics and, more importantly, gives  you a

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MiTechNews Headlines On WJR’s Internet Advisor

DETROIT - MITechNews.Com Editor Mike Brennan talks top stories in last week's eNewsletters with Internet Advisor Co-Host and Producer Foster Braun. The show is heard live on WJR 760 AM from 4 to 6 pm Saturdays. Hot stories discussed include Bamboo Detroit offering Starter memberships for just $40 a month. Michigan Treasury Departments warns taxpayers

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SmartBracket Bonanza For March Madness – Crush Your Office Pool

DETROIT - Patrick Anderson joins our staff with a secret weapon in the never ending pursuit of picking the perfect bracket during the NCAA March Madness basketball championship.  His Lansing based company, Supported Intelligence, discovered that using Artificial Intelligence helped to create a high (95 percent) degree of accuracy in picking winners during the 2016

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MiTechNews Headlines On WJR’s Internet Advisor – AWS Outage, Intelligent Transportation Workforce, Smart Toys Get Hacked

DETROIT - MITechNews.Com Editor Mike Brennan every Saturday is interviewed on the Internet Advisor show on WJR 760 AM in Detroit. On March 4, he discussed several stories that appeared in MITechNews.Com. Those include a report from WIN that said Connected, Automated Vehicle Makers Must Collaborate to Train Intelligent Transportation Systems Workforce. Another on a

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Five Ways To Spot A Phishing eMail

DETROIT - In a 2016 report from Wombat Security, organizations reported that the most successful phishing attacks were disguised as something an employee was expecting, like an HR document, a shipping confirmation or a request to change a password that looked like it came from the IT department. Make sure to scrutinize any such emails

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LookUpDetroit, Answering Listener Questions

DETROIT - Since 2004 Fr. Richard Dalton, an Anglican priest from Rochester has doggedly published a chronicle of Detroit’s good news, promoted budding artists and shared stories that otherwise wouldn’t have seen the light of day. To get the backstory, click on

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